Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Foodspotting: Instagram for Your Belly

Just because nobody on Facebook gives a shit what you ate for lunch, doesn't mean I don't give two of them.  Turns out someone smarter than me made an app for that.

Foodspotting is like Instagram for your face.  Yelp without all the wanna be foodie critics begging to attend their first UYE ("Unofficial Yelp Event", I'm admittedly jealous).  #foodspotting if you're of the Instagram variety.

It's a happy place for you and all your photog-contortionists-at-the-table friends to share each other's meals with the world.  Complete with voting, badges and the ability to "Want/ Tried/ Love" the dish.

[Side note: I just realized I talk like Anthony Bourdain in my head while I type this crap.]

The app compiles dishes per restaurant, is pretty good about not duplicating dishes and let's you group sections of dishes into specific Guides.  For instance I saw an "Atlanta: Bahn Mi" Guide that a girl put together of... suprise!  Bahn Mi dishes around Atlanta.  

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Travel Makeup Arsenal

I'm still reeling from a long and fabulous weekend in Charleston with my very best girlfriends. True measure of a successful bachelorette! I can't wait to post pics of all the gorgeous details my MOH put together (well, not allllll!).

In the meantime here's what I'm packing in my super sweet Kate Spade travel makeup bag these days. I swear by some CVS style makeup like that Revlon 24 Hour foundation and cheapy mascara! And my face wash is Bliss that I totally stole from a W hotel!

And those hair ties are my typical bracelets, and a nice way to blend in with the teenagers around town :)