Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My First Link-Up: Someday I Will...

First let's get this party started with a good 'ole WTF.  WTF is a Link Up?

Link-Up: (LU?) - when someone much more clever than I comes up with a super snazztastic theme and those of us less clever Bloggerinas copy the idea and make it their own.  A blog theme!  I have heard about these, seen these online before, and never been as thoroughly amused as the one I found today, thanks to Two Thirds Hazel whose own post legit made me LOL and The Daily Tay, who made the thing up.
Has anyone else noticed that LOL is coming back?  Similar note: my future cousin-in-law sent me a Snapchat of an AOL CD she received in the mail today?  There's a lot of pop culture happening in this sentence...
This one in particular is kind of like one of those email chains we all used to go bananas for, where you answer 43.2 nearly embarrassing, or faux-enlightening questions in an email and then forward it around to as many addresses as you can find, hoping someone, SOMEONE will respond back that they, in fact, have a crush on you!  Romance, ladies and gents.  Middle school romance.

Without further a do...
1.  Someday I will... get out of bed without perusing every Ruelala, Gilt and One King's Lane app looking for a "steal" on something I already have, cannot afford and do not need.  My name has changed, and so must the Jew-itis.
2.  Someday I will... follow through on my sometimes-morning declaration that today! should be a sober day.

3.  Someday I will... look up the meaning of denial and investigate that spa Lindsay Lohan keeps hanging out at...

4.  Someday I will... have enough shoes.


5.  Someday I will... admit to the Hubs how horribly I've failed #4 and divulge my secret shoe closet behind my secret trap door accessed only through the laundry room via a size 5 shoe laser identifier thingamabob.

6.  Someday I will... stop acting horrified and surprised when my knees start to kill after I've been sitting with my legs tucked up underneath me for more than 20 minutes.  Mom warned me about this decades ago.

7.  Someday I will... embrace the Hubs' smelliness (in his terms "respect the scent")...  False.  What a crock.  A gross ass crock.

8. Someday I will... shower more often than when it just becomes "obvious."

9. Someday I will... stop cracking up every time anyone says the word duty... you know you can't help it either!

10. Someday I will... not have to follow a salty snack with a sweet one... then a salty one... then a sweet one...

11. Someday I will... stop collecting girl friends who need saving and start collecting girl friends who just need girl friends (that was a deep one).

12. Someday I will... spell friend without having to say "fri-end" in my head.

Lucky You, Hubs wants to Guest Blog:
**. Someday he will... invent an anti-turd-backsplash-device and market it to the masses.  He will call this "H2No."  Write it down.  Act now and two turd thwarters can be yours! 

He has now taken this theme Broadway, and is singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" substituting "You're Just Too Good for My Poo" where appropriate.   My husband.

The Daily Tay


  1. Oh my hell I think you are my new favorite person. For just about every single one of these. A salty one a sweet one then a salty one. And I've never known the term for me showering habits until you just described them. You write the same way I do (at least my head thinks this). I like you, new friend.

    1. I read this on my phone and me thinks you were clearly foreign. Baha! Pumped to be co-stalkers :)

  2. your list is amazing! i do a gilt perusal every morning too! i finally had to delete the app to stop myself from buying jeans. when i try on jeans in store i take at least 20 pairs into the dressing room with me and walk out with 1, if i'm lucky. for some reason gilt's siren song makes me think that they'll fit just because they're my size (and half price)!

    1. It gets my every time!!! Plus shopping from your cozy bed rather than trying to squeeze your ass into those jeans in neon lights is just SO much more appealing, I'm totally with you on that!!


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