Thursday, October 31, 2013

H&M for Fall

Some people have their Forever 21 but-I-still-look-like-a-teenager guilty pleasures, mine is H&M.

This stuff is terrible quality, fit to some bizarrely proportioned, at best, dress-maker dolls and barely makes it through a season.  Which is why, for less than $150, I get a whole new wardrobe seasonally.  Just once.  That's all I can handle of the digging, intolerable teeny-bopper shoppers and extreme heat (seriously, does no H&M believe in A/C?  It's so weird!).

Here were my latest finds:

Yes I moved to pleather pants.  They're stretchy on the back so it's a good mix! 
Who's pushing 30 now biatch?!

That's me all snazzed up on the left in my new olive skinnies ready for the airport. 
With a fun purple leopard print scarf!

I'm on my way to Charlotteslville, VA to celebrate one of my bridesmaid's own weddings!  Can't wait to see Fiona and Kareem (my very own Jasmine and Aladdin) tie the knot in some magic carpet, Iranian-meets-Chinese cultural excitment!

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