Friday, November 1, 2013

Winter Boot Hunting!

Fact: Cincinnati's high is below freezing an average of 28 days a year.
Fiction: I'm totally cool with, and prepared for this.

Hubster agreed that I should have some new winter boots to keep my toesies toasty in the impending doom of OH winters.  We're living on the river, so this is an even scurrier impending hell.

Another fact: nobody looks good in winter boots.  I don't even know what the hell a winter boot is... I have Uggs that don't work in water (P calls them my Gout Boots.... just like the disease, charming, hm?) and I have Hunter's that don't work in cold, or for walking for that matter (read: overpriced rubber but totally worth the little red label cuteness).  So what is a "good" winter boot?  I'd really just like a snuggie made out of an Ugg, with a hood.  A life size Ugg-boot really.  With wheels for mobility.

Lucky for me, I found the perfect candidate last weekend!  I was returning a wedding gift that I *may* have registered for just to recieve the post-wedding discount and accidentally received as a gift... and I found them!  On sale!  Well, not really a sale per say, but basically a sale since I had something to return!  What's ours is mine in marriage, after all!  :)  And they're perfect for Cinci!

Tah dahhhh!  My new MK booties!  High enough to keep out snow under 4" and they have built in ice picks to spike my way down the sidewalk!  Cincinnati here I come!

Interestingly enough, P was not as enthused with the purchase, until he admired how fab they looked with my new fleece-lined tights...

But seriously, WTF do I need to get to prepare for a *real winter*?  Work wise?  Street cred wise?  We're living in an apartment in the middle of a cement garden with lots of walking to restaurants and shops...  no woods hiking.  But taking the dog for a stroll is scary enough.  Here are some options I've found:


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