Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mom in Town!

My madre popped by for a visit this weekend on her way back from SC and handed off some goodies and things for us to store for a bit.  She lives all the way on the other side of the country, in Vegas, so this was definitely a treat!

It was really great to see her, obviously, but the best was going through boxes of pictures and things she brought for us to store.

Favorite shoes!

Mom made us lots of cute little outfits, including this cowboy set!
Lots of matchy-matchy going on between Ben and I.  Pretty precious.
Goes without saying that those seamstress skills skipped a generation...
My brother and my super cool Nike kicks
Ok.... I tried to upload this 7 times, including flipping it upside down on my computer... won't go right side.
This is my fav, so we'll just pretend these pics are us doing headstands.
That's my mom on the right in a little dance recital number, which she saved - and that's me on the right rockin' it 30 years later to some Michael Jackson (complete w/ black shoes and socks).

Me and the Moms!

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