Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Bang or Not to Bang

Talking about hair people.  Minds out of gutters.

I have had one interesting haircut, ever, in my life.  I decided to make the chop when I was 17ish and I went in with the thoughts of Sweet Home Alabama and Reese's adorable flippity-outtie short hair a la:
A sophisticated Southern snip, you say?
At 16, that's totally what I needed.

and ended up like this:
Which was actually pretty cute!
I'm the whitey on the left.  The only things matching in this ultra diverse line-up are our ridiculous dresses.
then it turned into this:
What the...
Clearly the haircut is to blame for the hoops, choker and lazy eye.
How I can have such a fat face at the ripe weight of 80lbs back then is beyond me.

So here is my mission today:
Girl on the right.  To bang.
Reese makes another appearance... clearly because we are so much alike...
And yes,that is Ashlee Simpson.  My idol.  
(Jokinggggg, but that is a sweet heart faux-tat on her cheek.  Kind of like the street-cred tear tat you get for murdering someone, but in a cute, Care Bears kind of way!)

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