Monday, November 11, 2013

Virginia is for Lovahs

As you can tell from my previous posts, Hubster and I headed to Virginia for some good times with friends and family last weekend.  Between the Halloween festivities, wedding celebrations and Sunday supper with family, we squeezed in a little sight seeing and "us time" as well.  

[Side note: every time I glance up and see the title of this, I think it says something else is for lovahs.  Which is also true, but that belongs on a totally different site...]

It's funny how being in a new place together makes everything so much more date-like.  In Atlanta when we want to try something new or visit a special place we usually call around and see who's free to multi-task our explorations with some good friend catching up.  One of the things I'm definitely looking forward to about moving to Cincinnati is getting to discover everything together, brand new and for the first time.  A coffee shop, a tourist attraction or even a new friend will all be new and something we did together, the first time.

We visited Monticello to learn about Thomas Jefferson - so many crazy things that guy did that I either never knew or just didn't care to store in my head...  Funny how much I refused to remember from middle school and am now paying big bucks to get re-taught in adulthood (adulthood... ick).  Like the fact that old TJ was 6'2" and lived to be in his 80s!  That's crazy for back then!  And then he kicked the bucket on the 50th anniversary of the 4th of July!  Then Monroe kicked his own a couple of hours later!  What?!

He made his house look like a museum so when all the random people would stop by to shake his hand (pre secret service apparently) they'd learn something about the Native Americans and the local environment.  Pretty cool stuff!  My favorite was the dumbwaiter he had installed... for wine!  Straight down to the cellar and back again to keep the booze flowing.  Good man.

Catching some piano jazz in the Atlanta airport pre-departure 
As close to riding a bike as I've been this decade...

A tree!

The nickel would be a much better form of currency if Patrick was on it too
The wine dumbwaiter!  Genius!
Stopped for a little wine and cheese at Jefferson Vineyard

Happy Fall!

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