Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Botanical Garden Holiday Lights

'Tis the season for all things jolly and delicious.  And cold.  So much cold.  Makes my lady balls shrivel up just thinking about the impending cold of Cincinnati.  I'm finally starting to embrace snuggly clothing, mostly thanks to my new fleece-lined tights.  Hubs: "I see these are an acceptable form of pants to you now."  In past years I would just wear my usual short sleeve stuff and then throw on a bigger jacket.  So much easier than having to worry about layering or comfort.  Not to mention the PITAness of dressing and undressing, or, God forbid, an emergency pee stop.  You know the kind, where you're twitching and hopping trying to get your button undone, but you have to go so bad that your pants are on extra tight and you seriously consider just peeing straight through?  These are the fears I have around cold weather clothing.

And sweaters never stay their shape.  What is that.  How can a t-shirt last for 20 years and they can't figure out how to mold my llama fur back into arm holes after it accidentally takes a whirl in the washer?  I googled a badly-fitting sweater gif, since gifs appear to be my latest attempt at acting well under my actual age.  I got a link to these guys' 3-D printed sweater on kickstarter instead.  This 3-D printing phenomenon is pretty cool so I investigated.  First comment: "Um. That's not 3D printing. It's called "knitting" and it's been around for quite a while."  Hahahaha.

Wow.  How did we get here...

Bestie-best scored tickets to see the Botanical Garden Holiday Lights before they were open to the public.  They had s'mores and hot toddies for sustenance as you wandered through the gorgeously lit up garden and admired all the dead-for-winter plants.  Then we hit up Ormsby's for some tipsy Jenga action.  Because that's what we do.



    1. HEY! I live in Cincinnati too. :) Lucky girl getting to see the gardens, pre-madness. I'm jealous. By the by, there's a tutorial on Pinterest of how to get your sweaters back into shape! ;)

      xo Ashley

    2. Stopping by from Totally posted Tuesday! This looks like a great holiday event! I'm totally craving a s'more now...

      <3 Vicki

    3. Aw, this is honestly my favorite time of year! I love all the excitement, the happy Christmas music, the pretty lights. I love it all! This all looks like so much fun! :)
      xo TJ


    4. You have such an Asian fetish. :-O I'm gonna miss my bestie!! :-( keep those lady balls warm for me!

      Also, Fleece tights are the most acceptable form of clothing I could think of.


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