Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fiona & Kareem Tie the Knot

The main reason for being in Virginia this was weekend was to celebrate with one of my best friend's, Fiona, and her marriage to her wonderful new husband, Kareem!  Fiona and I met when she was at Emory and I was doing my whole "in-between" Penn and UGA thing and was basically squatting over at Emory campus.  Considering the number of sorority and fraternity events I attended, I'm pretty sure the majority of people had no idea I wasn't even in school there.  I was a staple crasher.

One of our first pics together, Mardi Gras 2005

Fiona is one of those friends I cherish most, where we can go months if not years without speaking and then pick up the phone and it's right back to where we left off.  She is an amazingly loyal friend and I am so lucky to have her as a true best friend.  As one of the speeches put it, everything "just works" when Fiona is around.  

She and Kareem met in residency in Charlottesville, her for dermatology and him for radiology.  Their first date was to Turkey.  As in, the country.  Not the food group.  They both love travel and both love to do it without a plan.  I get anxiety just writing that.  Their honeymoon plans consist of a plane ticket to Barcelona and apparently Kareem did actually book a castle for a couple of nights two days before the wedding.

Fiona and Kareem's gorgeous wedding at Mt. Ida, Charlottesville, VA:
Super lovely bridal suite for us to get ready!
I need this chair! 

This guy wanted to help me with my ee cummings reading!  
Please ignore janky nail.  Bad bridesmaid etiquette.

Petting the pony!  Big Clydesdale pony!

The always beautiful bride, Fiona
So cold waiting after pictures - solution: shots of Makers!

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