Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday 5: Random Shit from My iPhone

Another WTF moment brought to you, by me.  WTF is a Friday 5?  People get all cutesy and post Friday 5 fashion finds.  (People... like me... trying to be cutesy and failing).  People post five fuzzy finds. 

 I'm going to post some random shit I found on my camera phone instead on Fridays.  

This one is themed for fall.  Awwww.

Most amazing candle my face has tried to snort.  Ever.
I can't turn around and look at it in real life bc my dog is passed out on my foot and I don't want to disturb her...
So I zoomed in: this is called Autumn Gathering by Park Hill - I am not a candle nut, but I might be soon.  Also they "repurposed" some twigs so it's "green."   LEED certified smells.

Why did I take a picture of my tea-setup?
Missing the Marriott and all the delicious resources created by someone other than myself, perhaps?

Costco stampede before the doors opened.  I was just looking for dog food.  These people needed 10 pounds of tuna fish to jump start their morning, and they wanted to be first through the steely gates of oversized corporate glory.

This is Finnley playing hide-and-go seek with my pillow, which I mistake for her 3x a day.
Also, dead rasta giraffe.

T + J came by with a bunch of oysters for no reason and we beat the crap out of them with screwdrivers until they opened.  Sam Adams pumpkin ale and fresh shucked oysters from the farmer's market.  'Merica.

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