Saturday, November 9, 2013

Goodbye Pretty 1st Home

In the last 18 months Hubster and I have gotten engaged and married, taken new jobs (me) and promotions and bought and listed our first home.  No big deal.  :) 
Many lessons learned, patience gained and adventures had.
It took 15 months of hard work and serious Pinteresting to turn this puppy into our perfect home.  Super hard to let it go, but we are excited for big adventures in Cincinnati and looking forward to no yard work for a couple of years!!!

I'm going to miss my gorgeous turquoise walls most! 

JK this cutie stays with us!

Painting beds - seemed like such a good idea when I first started.  This was so hard! 

We're keeping the laundry room barn door that Hubster built - it is so gorgeous and one of a kind!
Lanterns all spruced up and styled much better than the original

My gorgeous family piano and gallery of my brother's beautiful photographs - loved this corner of our bedroom so much.
We just hope the next people who live here love it as much as we have and find even more fun projects to make it their own as well!

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