Friday, December 14, 2012

A Very Merry Corporate Christmas

Amid some hectic travel plans and a sick me and Big P we managed to go out and get our first tree and decorate a bit for the holidays. I grew up as a Cashew (Catholic-Jew) and celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas in my early years - while I can still rock out some random Yiddish words regarding important things like my lovely mensch, and although I have a carefully crafted menorah on my chalkboard pantry door, I clearly have bastardized any real meaning of the holiday.  I blame a rather embarrassing incident where one of my acrylic nails burst into flame in high school while I was attempting to light the menorah and sing some words I couldn't pronounce to an ex boyfriend...  I've managed to overcome my tragic decision and opt out of acrylic talons for life.

Regardless of any actual religious merit, future kiddies can still expect some dreidels and gelt, because that plastic flavored chocolate is just delicious.  'Merica!
Full steam ahead for the zaftig Old Saint Nick!
(See what I did there?)

So here we are chopping down the finest tree in the forest (per Lowe's) and trimming some random bits of home with the luxuries of the land (per Target) and warmth of the season (per Duralog).

Finnley's bf Mashi keeping her warm by the faux-fire (with crackle sound effects!)

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  1. Seriously? How have I gone my whole life without knowing the term Cashew?!~ Especially given the fact that I married one, and I'm now raising three!


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