Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bar Cart Obsession

Recently I’ve become obsessed with having a gold bar cart in my house.  I don’t even really have a place to put a gold bar cart, but that’s beside the point.  When I get obsessed with something I typically research like crazy, beg and justify with the fiancé, and will eventually cave and buy whichever was the first one I saw anyway.

This has held true for jewelry, cars, even my puppy’s rare breed (Glen of Imaal Terrier)… pretty much everything even remotely feasible – I know what I like immediately and I just have to have it.

I haven’t found “the” bar cart yet though, so I am still in the market!  I plan on going hunting at some of the many antique stores near my house I have yet to explore.  Every thrift/antique experience I’ve had so far ends up with a car full of a bunch of inexpensive crap I turn around and re-donate within a year.  Last time I ended up with 10 records that I thought looked cool – things like Pink Floyd and the Grease Soundtrack.  A steal at $0.25 each!  Until I re-gifted them to Goodwill less than a month later – what the hell did I plan to do with those things, anyway?  Remember Laser Disks?  I don’t think I could even tell the difference between the two, given the chance.  My parents have a bunch of those enormous DVDs still, I believe, including classics like Aladdin and True Lies…  Nothing says suspense like having to flip a disk mid-way through a Schwarzenegger scene!

Here are some things I just NEED on my booze laden cart of gold (preferably gold bamboo):
Society Socials' Hayworth (front runner!)
Vintage number from Etsy

Love this from Luvocracy

Hendrick's is the best gin ever!
St. Germain Elderflower liqueur for something sweet and floral
Delicious bubbly!  And so pretty!


Cute little guy from Dwell Studio!

I may settle for this python tray in the meantime... really similar to the Target-Neiman collection Altuzarra tray, but I need brown!

I went on the St. Germain website (amazingly pretty), where they have a link to submit a request for them to make you a signature cocktail for your wedding - I just emailed them with some info about the theme and feel of my reception (wedding@stgermain.fr) and got a response in an hour with this great recipe and response "Considering your love of gin and bubbles, I'd propose the cocktail below!"

Rachel's Cocktail
1 1/2 part gin
3/4 parts St-Germain
1/2 part lemon
3 parts sparkling wine
Method: Mix gin, St-Germain and lemon in a fluted glass and then top with chilled Sparkling wine.

How fun is that??  Looks a lot like their Nomayo cocktail, minus the aperol bitters!  How chic!

St. Germain Nomayo Cocktail

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