Monday, December 10, 2012

New Home to Chicify!

Earlier this year, my fiance and I traded in the 1/2 block to the bars for a halfway-to-the-burbs first home - brand new, terrifyingly empty with monotonous walls and not a bit of inspiration to point me in the right direction.  Bam!  House!

The fiance was not actually a fiance yet when we put an offer in on this bad boy, but wise papa Ray stepped in:
"Son, maybe we should discuss a ring before we discuss this house."
He already had the ring and two weekends and a Sunday morning pantsless proposal later, we had not only a house to plan, but a wedding too!  Add to it a brand new, travel-heavy job in the same month and we've got the making for some serious planning, organizing and life changing to do!

As with any red blooded female, I've gotten more than my fair share of Pinterest, Tumblr and blog stalking under my belt.  I've attempted to recreate the fabulous, the thrifty and the frequently ridiculous in my own life through food, fashion, decor and disaster.  Countless sleepless nights making lists, pinning ideas and planning life makeovers have led me to want to share some of my fortunes and, more often, misfortunes with my pleading audience.  (Plead on, masses!)

Plus there's the Rachel Ray thing.

Come July, I will be adopting a name synonymous with 30 minute masterpieces and clever household tricks and techniques - things my body is as adept at as say, the Nutcracker ballet.  At least I have some good restaurant reservations to look forward to...

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