Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Road Warrior" Workout

Only six months in and I despise the term "Road Warrior" already.  What is that?  That implies those of us that frequent the skies/freeways are fighting some kind of magical battle with the travel Gods.  Which actually, may be kind of true...  Upon Googling, I found out there is an entire underworld of blogs and forums devoted to the topic.  There's even a website devoted to those of us who live out of a 22" x 14" x 9" closet and can happily exist for days, if not weeks, with only that and a good Platinum Lounge.  

I have no right to gripe as I don't currently have to fly.  I can pack an entire bottle of contact solution right next to my pair of sharpened scissors without a care in the world.  I can even purchase a bottle of wine and bring home the remnants (remnants... silly concept) at the end of the week.  Anyone have leftovers?  Send them home with me!  No big deal Officer, I'm just smuggling half of Birmingham's best restaurants across state lines...

Which brings me to the real issue, which is the consumption of obscene quantities of undeniably delicious fare from distant lands.  Three times a day.  There are only so many lunch options within walking distance, and only so many driveable locations worth visiting.  And when you have the entire menu staring at you, it's just plain impossible to order a side-salad-add-chicken and smile through kale-coated teeth at the would-be heavenly treats at Gianmarco's or Chez Fonfon.  [Sidenote: behind Gianmarco's is their Wine Bar.  Retail wine prices with a corkage fee, and the full GM menu in a cutesy little shack where you eat around wine barrels.  Fabulous.]

So, jumping jacks and I have started a little romantic tryst.  I apologize each morning to my downstairs neighbors as I hop around in pajamas doing my routine.  Jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, the whole nine yards.  These are the best routines I've found, which I switch up and mess around with (read: unabashedly cheat) while trying to work off my jiggles in an effort to make caloric room for the absolute best thing in town, the elote asada at @elbarriobham (my fiance refers to it only as "the corn place" because I talk about it so much).  Mmmmm chipotle-cilantro-mayo drenched corn yummies...

Thursday blows most.
Source: Back on Pointe
This is me.  Ha!
Lower Ab Dominator - pulse ups, reverse crunches and V-sits, oh my!
Source: UberExercise

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