Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Party Fashion

This morning I woke up, one eye open to the impending Birmingham chill and daily work out debate.  I diligently checked my Pinterest crew's faux-creative discoveries, the daily whining world of Facebook and the comedic musings of my Tweeter peeps.  And then!  My baby blog!  Aladdin pops in my head - a whole new worlddddd!  Still up, still shiny and new!  

Email is up next.  Immediate drama.  AdSense has denied me.  2 days old and already getting bullied on the playground.  Shameful.  As it turns out, Google is unimpressed that my traffic consists of 3 hits from spam sites... And 14 by me.  Fianc√© is in trouble.

By now I have successfully occupied myself beyond my allotted workout window (a never-ending struggle - to jumping jack, or not to jumping jack...)  Then it's off to work, but not before drooling over some new holiday wishlist items, in time for the company Xmas party at the Fox??

BCBG Daphine

BCBG Prish

Henri Bendel Bangle - 25% with Free Shipping!


  1. You know I'm totally drooling over those pumps! And I have to say I don't miss the consulting days that involved at least 20 min of inner turmoil each morning as I tried to justify to myself why it would be a better decision to snooze through my morning gym time.

    1. ..... hence why 3.5 yrs later I will be wearing Spanx to the holiday party


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