Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally Time to Resolute

I never make resolutions because, frankly, I never keep them except when it's convenient.   But I've had a month to think about it and I'm ready to commit!

1. Better skin care regimen - hotel sheets and travel stress are doing me no favors 
(inspiration from @CamilleStyles article on @SkinOwl:

2. Tune in to current events - faux newsy Facebook and CNN twitter blasts don't count

3. Read a non fiction book - maybe 2, but I'm thinking my honeymoon reads will likely be at a 16-year-old reading level...  P is well read and I'm jealous

4. De-poochy by making healthier food choices - less prosciutto sammies, more greens.  And admit that salad doesn't count if all I do is pick off the good toppings...

5. Eat fish at least once a week - lobster drenched in butter, or that escargot I discussed from Chez Fonfon is clearly considered cheating

6. DIY that damn nailhead trim headboard already -

7. Quit the gross cuticle/nail picking when stressed - I was just doing it while re-reading this, that took all of 4 minutes to break

8. Grow up and send cards to people, especially the GPs - not just thank-you ones that all start off "Thank you so much for the..."

9. Figure out whether calling out Twitter people on here has any effect - I suspect that I look like an amateur 8th grader throwing around @s like no big thang

10. Get a blog follower.  - just one of you little people has to think this is mildlyyyy interesting to read while on the toilet... maybe?  Likely not... that's what Garden & Gun and/or Scramble w Friends is for.

11. Get MURRIED! - without tripping, puking or otherwise making a total ass of myself.  Except on the dance floor, where it is not only encouraged, but expected.

12. Successfully throw a dinner party - with correct timing and little party favors and the whole nine.  Maybe one of these "large format" ones with a big ole wine jeroboam and everything:

13. Figure out what to do with our disaster of a backyard - not so lovingly nicknamed the Pit of Despair. 

There you have it.  I'll check back in 6 months and see how many of these I actually accomplished!  I better at least get that married one done :)


  1. #10. Done! You do have a blog "Follower", although maybe not officially, but I'll figure that out. You are in my favorites and I've read all your posts :) That counts, right?!

    1. Super counts! I miss you!!! Hope you and A are doing well!!!

  2. #11: I'll make sure you stick to white wine or clear liquor so your wedding dress doesn't resemble The Lawrence's toilet.

    1. I'm not sure if I'm helping by specifying that you're referring to a red wine barferoni incident when I was helplessly over served...


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