Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skin Care Battle

I am lazy.  Wayyyy lazy when it comes to self-maintenance.  Be it the gym, putting effort into my appearance or even bathing myself, I just don't seem to give a crap.  I'm trying to change that because it's difficult to look effortlessly young and well rested when you're not.  Ha!

I got my first dose of good skin products about a year ago from RueLaLa or something - the Philosophy Hope series.  It's really anti-wrinkle stuff: cleanser, serum and moisturizer which appears to be working because I have yet to have wrinkles... or maybe that's because I haven't quite made it to 28 yet... but Lord knows P has made some significant attempts at giving me creases over the past 3 years :)

Prior to that I used nothing.  Nothingggg.  I mean, I seriously only wash my makeup off before bed once or twice a month.  That sounds gross, but then you find out I don't wash my hair every day and that creeps people out too.  (Ok... they're usually actually upset that I don't really wash me every day either... I'm not a stinky person!).  I hate water!  I don't like to drink it, I don't like to get in it - I just don't do well with water at all.  I'll go in the ocean because I'm supposed to, and in the pool because I'm hot or other people are doing it, but otherwise it ain't happenin!  My lips are constantly chapped and I'm always dehydrated - if it doesn't have caffeine or alcohol in, I typically just refrain.  Healthy, right?

Resolution numero uno for me was to take better care of my skin.  I've been trying to be better - almost every day I drink a bottle of water now first thing in the morning.  Thanks to my hotel who makes sure I have one at my side.  I take more showers thanks to my little morning jumping jack routines.  And I wash my face... no I don't.  But I do use my Philosophy products after I shower.  And I exfoliate when I shower at home with this stuff, which has been in my shower for 10 years (not the same bottle, I swear!).

So I just read an article by @SkinOwl about her beauty routine.  Read some reviews.  And I splurged on some facial goodness.  I got the SkinOwl Geranium Argan Infusion, and then I headed over to her recommended site: Tammy Fender and bought a rosemary-spearmint epi-peel exfoliator.  Sounds yummy and maybe it'll get rid of my gross pores once and for all.  Pore-free-2013!  Yes, the whole pore - clogged or not they freak me out.

So those should arrive in a week or so and then we shall see about results!  
I may even take a pic of some gnarly before and afters!

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  1. Let me know how you like this! I've been trying to be better about skincare too but washing my face before bed is so annoying. I've noticed a few wrinkles between my brows and it's starting to freak me out... I guess I need to finally accept that I'm almost 28... BOOOO that sounds so old and decrepit.


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