Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday 5: Random Sh*t from my iPhone

Jack Frost defecated on my window sill during the -35 degree party last week.
That is the INSIDE of my window.  #$@&!!

Been hunting down some Zanotti heelless beauties for a while now.
Finally caved - can't wait for summer... and someone to carry me... and my butler, Mr. Jeeves
GZ + yoga pants = Bravo television star in training

How to overcome the two-drink maximum at a sports game...
16 oz of pure, adult grape juice joy is enough to make anyone into a hockey fan.

Left the apartment long enough to get blown across the bridge over to KY

KY... where 1954 is just like yesterday.  And tomorrow...


  1. Are those shoes hard to walk in? I feel like I'd look like Bambi on ice.

    1. Isn't that half the point? If you don't look like you have a stick up your bum, what's the point of big heels? :) JK - yes they are actually pretty ok!! They're pretty weighted in the front so you don't *feel* like you'll tip over... I'm not going out in the snow anytime soon though :)

  2. Replies
    1. So far so good... around my miniature, windless, non-cracked-pavement apartment! They're pretty weighted in the front so you don't feel like you'll tip over or anything! Will have to wait for Spring to tell if I look like Bambi on Ice, per Amanda's suggestion :)


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