Friday, January 31, 2014

Spotify might as well be sold in a dime bag

Some people use music to change their moods, and others use it to heighten whatever is their existing mood. I'm definitely a heightener. A glutton for self acknowledgement that whatever I'm feeling is totally justified. Nothing gets me going like geeking out on too much caffeine and then ensuring near heart attack by blasting some skrillex and playing a loaded game of doodle jump. 

Anxiety? Peaked. 

In a moment of teenage angsty depression, my freshman roommate found me in our dorm, lights out, naked in a towel, sobbing to some Colorblind a la that Ryan Phillepe movie where everyone slits their wrists in the end and he bangs his sister, Buffy. Gotta love it. 

I feel like my playlist should be used to push me over the edge into whatever psycho mental state I'm in at the moment. Gym time? Pop in (a term nobody but old farts like me will ever understand anymore) some MJ and let's sweat it out to some sweet molestation vibes. Jammin in the Caribbean? Obvi throw on the beach music and steel drums, which nobody actually listens to unless they're moments away from an inappropriate cornrow experience.

Totally seemed like a good move at Senor Frogs...

I do this with drinks in restaurants too. Sapporo and sake? NEVER ordered unless I'm eating sushi, then you might as well call me Sensei and wax me on down. Corona only in Mexican restaurants, and why the hell would you order a Red Stripe, unless it paired perfectly with your Jamaican jerk chicken? 

Is there such a thing as situational alcohol?

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