Monday, January 20, 2014

Things that Make My Type-A & OCD Uncomfortable

  • Closed shower curtains, from the outside.  
    • Thank you, Psycho.  Even though logic tells me the crazy dude came from outside, what if he's hanging on the inside in the sequel?
    • This is likely a standard problem - the real issue is that I'm just as uncomfortable when they're wide open and therefore uneven...

  • Using the last of something.
    • Ever since I was a kid this has been a big one.  I almost never opened a single arts and crafts project, for fear of having a *better* time to do it later and it being gone.  This is now true of makeup and bath products.  Seriously, what if you are going to be WAY more interested in the last of the coconut shampoo tomorrow than you are today?  You just can't be sure!
    • Actually I get really pissed at hubs when he does this in the fridge, which it seems to be mainly related to his last bite of hummus... what's up with that, crazy eyes?

  • Loose socks inside my shoes.
    • I was told by the Duke TIP program this is a sign of being gifted.  Sounds about as logical as it should.
    • Loose couch covers have this same effect - causing uncontrollable itching and fidgeting.
That makes me itchy just looking at it...
  • Open cabinets and drawers.
    • Uniformity people.  My family used to think it was hilarious to leave these open on purpose.  Terrorizing their own kin just for kicks.
This is what I got when I googled "closed cabinet gif"
From my confused screen to yours.
  • Not following the rules.
    • This is sadly one of the reasons I knew I needed to marry my husband.  2 years ago during the Great Atlanta Snowpocalypse, he decided to blow up the air mattress in the living room (of his studio apt... 2.5 feet from the bed) and have an all-day picnic and movie fest in plastic-air-bed.  Mind blown.  That is clearly not what those are for.  And they certainly are not meant for sleeping in your own house!
    • Last Thanksgiving he dared to push the two couches together and make a fort!  What?!  Who told him he could do that?  My type-A mind loves this completely inappropriate rule-breaking because it would never even occur to me that this was an option.  Ever.
Our holiday fort!


  1. omg thank god it's not just me. i hate it when the lights are on and there's no one in the room. IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO SHUT THE LIGHT OFF?

    or when something is fully charged and they (my husband) keeps it plugged in. don't you know that it kills the battery lifespan when you overcharge? IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO TAKE IT OFF THE DOCK?

    i always pull the shower curtain closed to let it air out and dry...who wants mildew?

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Pete eats the last of shit ALL THE TIME! It drives me BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least say "hey, I ate this" so that I don't come home from work thinking I'll have it for myself.

  3. I totally relate to the last point! Jeff is 10x more creative than me in life b/c he's OK with bending rules and using things for purposes not originally intended. Blows my mind

  4. loose socks really are the worst! the worst!


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