Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Honeymoon, Part Deux

Deux?  Deaux?  Really just needed some random letters to make me feel fancy, 
mostly because there's an x...

Patrick and I went on our honeymoon last year in July to the British Virgin Islands.  And it was phenomenal.  We stayed on a little island called Scrub Island that just has a resort on it and nothing else.  It's technically a Marriott resort, from their Autograph collection, but you would never know Marriott had anything to do with it (even their shampoos are L'Occitane, not Marriott).

Scrub Island, from their website

I'll post some of my pics in a second to prove just how over the top fabulous this place is.  My family has gone down to various parts of the Caribbean a bunch of times.  Patrick and I took a cruise through the area a few years ago (never, never again.).  But nothing compared to the epicness of being lazy on your own island for a week.  We were actually there doing the faux Puerto Rican holiday "Christmas in July" - which meant there were insane numbers of billion dollar yachts and catamarans with some seriously ready-to-party Puerto Ricans on board all day and night in our marina.  It was awesome.  We met lots of fun people and when we weren't drinking our faces off and eating their homemade empanadas we were sleeping it off in the private nooks and crannies around the little island.  We chartered a sailboat for a full day when we were there, which counted as our main activity besides the spa.  Our captain (Capt. Bob, naturally) was so perplexed about our request to "just sail around" - he kept asking "don't you want to snorkel?" No.  "Don't you want to scuba?"  No.  Just take us to that little bar on Cooper Island and then pass me another beer on the way back.  It was beautiful, lazy and incredible.

All this is to say... we're going back!  My friend Fiona and her now husband were down there a year ago also, but didn't stay on land - then rented a sailboat and cruised around the whole time.  So this time, we're going along too!  Because why wouldn't you repeat your honeymoon 9 months later??  Better than something else you could be paying for 9 months after your marriage.  Just saying...

We are renting a 39' sailboat for the four of us and have zero plans except to hit the Baths on Virgin Gorda and Soggy Dollar bar, which we somehow missed last time.  I am an eternal planner, so this would usually be a little bit of a frightening experience, but there is literally nothing to do down there except listen to steel drums, drink umbrella drinks, and lay around like a fatty in the sunshine.  Which you will be after too many Painkiller drinks.  Pinky promise.  BVIs, round 2... 10 weeks and counting!

39' Monohull (sailor speak) we're renting in March!

Honeymoon recap!:

On top of Salt Island, super close to Scrub where we were staying

Fake-sailing the Bravura - Cooper Island in the background.

King of the Islands.
Shameless butt-plug.  (Teehee!)

The head chef of Scrub invited us to kayak on over to his personal beach on the other side of Scrub... just us!
He's the only resident on the island and his house was featured in Coastal Living!

P surprised me with a private dinner on the beach the last night!

Scrub at night, all lit up from the Puerto Rican yachts for "Christmas in July"
They have neon running under their boats - it's pretty awesome!

From the ferry on the way to Tortola from St. Thomas - only gray we saw all week!

The neon from the yachts lights up all the fishies!
We may or may not have been fished out of the marina by security on our first night...

Me in the infinity edge pool overlooking the marina

At the Spa, looking out onto Beef Island.

From the top of Scrub.  Don't mind the helipad in the corner.

Just add Corona


  1. This looks like pure heaven right about meow!

    1. Good. The photoshopping took me a damn while.

  2. He He He Butt Plug. You've found your immature reader with that one :)
    This looks secluded and amazing. What a great place to honeymoon. And I totally saw Soggy Dollar on E!'s Best Beach Spots in the world. Can't wait to see those pics.

  3. you guys are super cute and this is beautiful!


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