Monday, January 21, 2013

Backyard Blunderoo

Last month we babysat this little guy for our friends for a couple weeks while they visited family overseas:

Finnley loved having her boyfriend around to snuggle and "slow motion break dance" (P's terminology).  Mashi is the cutest, cuddliest little thing ever, but homeboy had some seriously spicy pee.   Soon after his fuzzy butt left our abode there were some yellow circular patches of grass out front.  This happens from Finn too every now and then where the grass goes yellow and then it comes back, no big deal.

Well, it's been a month and now our grass looks like this:

I was commenting about the spicyness of the little pup's wizz for the hundredth time and asking P to please call the lawn company when he goes "Hmmm.  Yeah... I was hoping that would've grown back by now..."  


Stink eye/eyebrow raise combo from me.


"I mayyybe sprayed weed killer where I shouldn't have... Whoops."

Poor Mashi, innocently taking the blame and getting his reputation tarnished at the same time!

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