Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY: Sliding Barn Door

The very first project we wanted to tackle when we got our home under contract came from a Pinterest post, shocker, of a gorgeous indoor barn door. We have a long boring hallway leading to our master with our laundry room halfway down. Perfect spot for some rustic chic! 

I researched my butt off of course and found some really cool modern hardware and farmhouse style doors. 'Spensive!  After drooling over and attempting to justify some fabulous options the fiancĂ© had a revelation - reclaimed Georgia wood!  

While we didn't get the wood from here, P's family owns a farm in South Georgia originally built in the 1780s (not a typo) that gave us the inspiration to DIY with the reclaimed wood.  A new house has been built on the property, but the original home and barn still stand, one of the only in the area having survived the wrath of Sherman. A fact supposedly true only because the original great-great-great-ancestor that lived there was a "hell of a hostess" and actually had Sherman and his men stay on her property for a couple of weeks.  Her hospitality spared the family their home while the rest of Georgia burned to a crisp.  She buried all of her good china and silver, etc. when the troops came by, much of which was rediscovered during construction of the new home in the 1900s.  Pretty snazzy story!

Back to the DIY bit. We ended up purchasing the hardware from a guy on etsy for $200.  He also sells doors that look pretty cool or the whole package for around $600 or so.

P was itching for a man-project so he decided he would DIY the thing from scratch.  A lot of leveling, sanding, and staining and a whole bunch of new curse words he didn't learn from me later, we have this gorgeous door!  Some of the wood has carpenter bee holes, which I love.  And you can see the original round blade cuts from whatever crazy machine made the wood hundreds of years ago!

Staining the bad boy.  Check out the solid 15" slats of walnut!

Hadn't removed the real door yet!  Ha!

Looking down at the ground slider

Check out the cool old-school outlet!

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