Friday, January 4, 2013

Wishes & Wants: Turquoise

Halfway through Winter and I'm already craving Spring - the warmth, the colors... the mimosas and Hoegaardens in the sunshine....  Especially those.

Growing up on Hilton Head Island, SC spoiled me to the core with constant proximity to the beach, and all things country club chic.  I love nautical textures, patterns and especially colors!  Even my wedding is predominantly navy with lots of navy/white striped linens and burlap textures!

The color turquoise has been my biggest obsession since I can remember - down to the first car I bought for myself: a neon turquoise (think Fast & the Furious) '93 BMW 325i, not-so-fondly nicknamed the Blue Bomber.  It died slowly but magnificently.  It was once towed and impounded for 2 weeks without my knowledge and I found it with 3 flat tires, a dead battery and 2 boots.  TWO boots.  In case I was going to take off on the only inflated tire...  In another epic moment, the car alarm wouldn't stop wailing as a poor valet (at Aiko in Altanta) desperately tried to get the thing started.  My 3rd party alarm had kicked the bucket - so in a moment of panic I pleaded with him to physically rip the horn out of the hood to end my embarrassment.  With the most incredulous look I've ever seen and a not so subtle "crazy woman," he obliged.  The bomber never honked again.

Back to the point.  My Spring inspired wishlist of the day:

Bracelet | Jars | White Croc Tieks | James Nares Print | Clutch | Chaise

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