Sunday, January 27, 2013

Epic Battle!

P and I were driving to go see his parents in Sandy Springs when we saw a group of people through the trees at Blackburn Park acting oddly. It was a big group of 100 or so kind of milling around in a clump. We thought maybe it was an extra large rugby match or even a group of protestors.

Oh no.

It was a battle. An epic battle.

If it wasn't for the classic film Role Models (ha) I wouldn't have known what the hell was going on. Thank god for Shawn William Scott, because we had stumbled upon a LARP war. Live Action Role Playing - these people were battling a la King Arthur, nerf sword style. Men, women, archers - there were even people in the trees. Some more liberal characters were rocking Batman and TMNT motifs - so modern chic.

We parked and watched for a good 10 minutes. If I'd had a flask, it would've been consumed. There was one particular death match that caught our particular attention. One gentleman had apparently taken a direct hit to the legs and was fighting the good fight from a kneeling position, with vigor. Hilarious.

Definitely made our day.

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