Sunday, January 6, 2013

Watch Out Richard Blais!

Among a lot of really awesome presents this year, including a Wusthof carving knife from my brother and a lot of sparkle and glam from my in-laws (seriously have worn my new Tori Burch belt every day), my parents and fiance independently have decided I'm a hell of a lot better at cheftastics than I appear to be.  Like more Rachel Ray on crack with a dash of Wylie Dufresne than the reality: Muppets Swedish Chef meets Blues Clues at recess.  Might need an actual cooking lesson that's not from my DVR first, but who's counting.  

I've been drooling since Christmas over the possibilities.

So I give myself two attempts to get from burnt grilled cheese to sous vide braised pork belly with some kind of nifty foam and spherical balls of tater tots.  Hell, maybe I'll just put the whole thing in a sphere, with some raspberry sauce that looks like snow!  Get on it, Blais, it'll pair perfectly with my favorite treat in Atlanta - the foie gras milkshakes at Flip!

Stand by for future disastrous attempts at shrink wrapped submarine food.

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