Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kate Spade-iversary

Happy 20th Birthday to Kate Spade!

She who has taught us to #livecolorfully and #dreambig!

My obsession with Kate Spade started a long, too long time ago in 10th grade, which would've been 2001.    A girl who rode the bus had a new purse that greatly out-did my Le Sac.  Remember those?  Nasty little crochet cross-body items in a perfectly lame square?  Well, I had a knock-off from Claire's.  It was bad.

Luckily, Anna also knew about consignment shops and showed me a little place near the only movie theater on Hilton Head where I found my very first Sam bag.  Black.  Nylon.  The signature classic.  

Stolen at boarding school.  There were significant tears.

Anna introduced me to the kind of jealous wonder that has brought me to my current collection of 10+ purses, jewelry-a-plenty, business card holder, wallet, agenda, toasting flutes for my wedding... name it.  
Yellow, green, navy, pink - stripes, polka dots, bedazzles - patent, wool, nylon, quilted, leather
Pops of color you just can't compete with in the stodgy world of black and brown attaches.

So here, from her new collection of lovely pops of jealous craving, are my favorites this season.
Especially that blue bag and the bridal idom bangle!  Love them!

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